Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How To Grow Potatoes

Potatoes is one of my favorite food. Many variants of foods made from potatoes is like french fries, potatoes snack and others. Now, you must to know the variety of potatoes :

Potatoes with butter type flavor and yellow color. This potato has a texture that is soft and sticky and savory flavors. It is suitable for making baked goods such as baked potatoes, boiled like to make potato puree, potato soup, to be fried potato wedges, hashbrown.

This small potatoes with a bright yellow color, containing extra content (potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin C). For better presentation steamed so that the nutritional content is maintained properly. Used for whole foods such as potatoes with steamed potatoes mushroom sauce, steamed potatoes peanut sauce, and others.

This super-size potatoes, specials for fried, crunchy and abrasive. Starch content of the potato's many potato french fries making this united with the oil and crispy.

Type of potato is arguably the versatile potato. With a delicious taste and soft texture. Potatoes goes well with a variety of methods such as steamed, fried and baked.

Where To Grow Potatoes

Choose your planting area carefully - the ideal site for growing potatoes is a warm and really sunny spot with as little shade as is possible. Potatoes will grow happily in most soils, but the soil shouldn't be too shallow and needs to be well drained and moist. Always add some organic matter such as well rotted compost before planting to boost the nutrients to the soil, which in turn will encourage healthy growth of your potatoes.

Small crops of potatoes will thrive in containers, bags, old dustbins, pots, barrels, buckets and even sacks - just as long as they have a decent depth. For good drainage, simply ensure there are a few holes in the bottom of the container and pop about two inches of gravel in the bottom to help it slowly drain. Growing potatoes in a pot, barrel or bag is handy because the process is completely self-contained.

There is also an excellent range of specialist potato planters on the market, which you will find at most garden centres. When you grow potatoes in the open ground, they can send their roots wide out and into the way of other crops. Growing them in containers means you can easily place them away from your other plants. And if you want to plant under cover, potatoes will also happily grow in cold frames and greenhouses.